The 2017 Literary and Visual Art Deadlines are now closed. Time-based Art is being accepted through February 28th. The 2017 Edition will be unveiled at 3pm on May 16th, 2017 in PUB 161 on Clark's campus. We will open up for submissions again soon for our next issue. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay informed.

We accept submissions from Clark College students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Please click on the appropriate category to submit and make sure you also click on the "show guidelines" link and read the requirements for each category.  The specific guidelines for each category must be followed or works will not be considered.

For literary submissions, please limit submissions to 2 per genre or 6 total.

For art, please limit your submissions to two per medium, or 4 total.

For all works, please include a writer or artist's statement.
Music, video and animation submissions must be submitted as an embedded video format (like YouTube, SoundCloud or Vimeo.) Email your link with your entry. Also include a still frame graphic for the book and website navigation page. Performance Art may be submitted as either a video documenting the performance, or as a series of still photos (max 4.)

Submissions are limited to 2 per medium, or 4 total.

Helpful advice: Phoenix staff recommends that you tightly edit your pieces and that they aren't overly lengthy, or that you submit excerpts from your longer works. Rarely will you be able to hold your audience's attention span on the website for more than a couple minutes.