Ends on December 14, 2018

We are searching for poetry by the Clark College community that provoke thought and resonate.  Stray from the cliché or stereotypical imagery. Capture what is real, both emotionally and physically.

Works that deal with mature and complex issues or themes are welcomed, but works that address them inappropriately, either through ill research or blatant bigotry, will be declined.  Please do not submit works that have been previously submitted for consideration to Phoenix. 

Specific Guidelines:
  • Do NOT put your name on the manuscript (works are anonymously judged)
  • Include a brief writer's statement that says something substantive about the work
  • Include the title on the manuscript
  • Attach submission as .doc or .docx files
  • Do not submit more than 2 works per literary genre
  • Edit your work carefully

Tips for Success:

  • Make sure your submission is not a draft. Has anyone else read it? Has it been workshopped and have you received feedback you've used to revise it? No work should be submitted that has not been thoroughly revised.
  • Has the work been edited carefully? If you need help with grammar, consider going to the Writing Center.
  • Can you speak about your work confidently? Can you identify the form of the poetry and its intention? If not, it likely needs to be revised.
  • Does your work meet all the submission guidelines?