Ends in 5 days, 14 hours

2d & 3d artwork submissions must be scanned or photographed either by you or with the help of the Phoenix staff. All digital files must be a minimum of at least 1500 pixels in  size in at least one direction (width OR height). To ensure good enough  quality for printing, digital files cannot be upsampled from a lower  resolution. (when sizing in "Image Size," "resample" must NOT be  checked.)

Smaller pieces that can fit on a scanner must be scanned at 300ppi resolution  either by you or with the help of the Phoenix staff. Larger pieces should be photographed with a digital camera.

Be sure scanned artwork has adequate contrast so that the work will  print well. For example, soft pencil drawings may be difficult to see  once reproduced in print. Oversized pieces are best photographed in the shade to avoid glare. Place it  flat on the ground, or against a wall and shoot it as straight on as  possible, cropping in as tight as you can without cutting anything off.  Do not use a flash.

Submissions are limited to 2 per medium, or 4 total. A series is considered one submission.